Let Us Create Your Way to the Sea

Floats and Ramps

We are pleased to offer handcrafted floats and ramps for sale together or as individual pieces; as a replacement for your existing components, or to complement your new pier.

As you see from the photo gallery these items are exceptionally well crafted, constructed for a long and useful life. All structural lumber is pressure treated southern yellow pine for strength and longevity with western red cedar decking for beauty and tactile friendliness. Waterman Marine floats internal fasteners are 1/2" & 5/8" hot dipped galvanized carriage bolts, nuts and washers. Cedar decking is fastened with stainless steel.

WM construct 03All floats come fully equipped with bollards at all corners, heavy duty cleats, vinyl boat bumpering and dingy rail if requested. Our floats are fully foamed for stability and buoyancy with heavy 4"x 6" shoes on the bottom to permit the float to be towed or dragged from the water for seasonal storage.

Float sizes vary with individual requirements and we can build non standard sizes subject to requirements to insure structural integrity. Our standard float sizes are 8' to 12' in width and lengths from10’ to 40'.

Three freeboard configurations are offered; lake-boy with 6 1/2" of freeboard, lo boy with 9" of freeboard and hi-boy with 16" of freeboard. Lake-boy is for lake settings in usually calm waters while lo boy is suitable for sheltered ocean settings. The hi-boy configuration is used for rough water and open ocean exposure.

 Pio 10We are also pleased to offer our striking wood ramps for access from your pier to your float. Our ramps are strongly constructed using pressure treated lumber with western red cedar deck and handrail. Fastenings are hot dipped galvanized with stainless steel used for the decking and handrail. These are strong structures not only practical but aesthetically pleasing with our unique X trussed handrail system. You will note from the photo gallery that our ramps have a built in arch which add to their beauty and which will remain throughout the life of this structure. All ramps are engineered for durability and strength.

Ramp sizes vary widely depending upon individual requirements. We will make any length from 10' to 50’ with widths from 36" to 48".