Let Us Create Your Way to the Sea

Pier Support Types

Our dock systems are custom built and artistically designed to aesthetically complement the shoreline with minimal environmental impact.

All piers which are permanent structures require extensive permitting from Federal and State agencies.

Large scale projects and projects involving difficult support systems with crumbling ledge, cribs, or cliff installations, may cost more than these standard installations:

  • Pile on Ledge Pier

    Pile on Ledge Pier

    This system is used where ledge is predominant, and pier support can be pinned and chained to the rock ledge.

  • Pile Driven Pier

    Pile Driven Pier

    Where the bottom is mud and/or sand and small rocks. Pier supports are pile driven using a barge and crane.

  • Crib Support Pier

    Crib Support Pier

    Supported piers are used only where there is no ledge or crumbling ledge, and where the soil is too hard and brittle to accept driven piles.
    This system requires an extensive permitted process for regulatory approval.

  • Floating Walkway System

    Floating Walkway System

    A unique way to provide boating access from your waterfront property, particularly when extensive mud flats or beach make other solutions untenable.