Let Us Create Your Way to the Sea

NOTE: These prices are representative of custom dockage costs for common items. Due to rapid fluctuations in material pricing, actual costs may vary. Please call for current pricing.

Waterman Marine negotiates all necessary permits with  federal, state, and local authorities on your behalf.

Unique Installations
Each project is one-of-a-kind. Installations involving difficult support systems with crumbling ledge, cribs, or cliff installations, may cost more than prices quoted here.

Typical X-trussed wood ramp  32' x 3'  $7,250
Typical single float 10' x 20' for protected waters LoBoy construction 9" freeboard  $8,500
Typical single float

10' x 20' for rough waters (ocean exposure) HiBoy construction 15" freeboard

Typical fixed pier Supported on 6" x 6" posts or pile with X-trussed handrail – 30' x 6'