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“The ruggedly handsome pier-ramp and float construction of our southerly facing shore has made boating enjoyably user friendly even with the afternoon on-shore winds. Because of long experience Waterman Marine is able to adapt their design to overcome problems posed by harsh geography and climate. Waterman Marine did all the considerable work involved in the permitting process. Their final product seems unusually sturdy compared to the competition we've seen.”

David D. Adams, M.D.

"I am a very satisfied owner of three fixed piers designed and built by Waterman Marine. The structures were specified for year-round use in waters that occasionally experience icing conditions. The rugged construction of these structures and the aesthetics of the design with wood are uniquely impressive."

Dodge D. Morgan

"Our dock has become an extension of our home, and since we commute to Portland during the warmer months by boat it is clearly a crucial link for us with the sea. Creating such easy and pleasant access to the ocean is essential to our lifestyle. We are happy with what you have done, especially your responsiveness around modifications and other needs."

Robert S. Kramer, M.D.

"Our dock is located near the convergence of two rivers and is subject to 10 to 12 knot currents nearly every day. Two years ago we took a Nor'easter right across the nose of the float with waves breaking over the deck planks. The float never showed any signs of weakness. You have truly supplied us with worry-free access to our boat."

Murrill M. Szucs, Jr. M.D.